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Be equipped for greater impact in career and ministry.

Most African countries are churning out fresh graduates each year at an alarming rate 70 to 80 times more than the economy has job vacancies to fill, hence the unemployment rates are so high in our communities. Thus, there are often very few jobs to compete for in the market. Most often these jobs require 2 to 5 years of experience which makes it a very tough hurdle for fresh graduates who fall below the threshold of the requirements.

On the other hand, most employers have complained about the quality of graduates coming out of the educational systems across Nigeria and Africa at large. After many years of school riots, and lecture note-taking with zero or very little field experience in their respective disciplines, most students, graduate being book smart and zero ‘street/work smarts’ – a dangerous combination that has made them seriously ill-equipped to make impact in any organization.

Complacency & confusion is the order of their first few months in an office if they are lucky enough to land a job. They soon begin to wonder their place and if they can contribute to the fast paced development of their employer’s goals. Our quest to solve this problem comes from a firsthand experience in realizing most employers do not need employees to take orders but more importantly take initiatives on the job.

Luvanex has structured a system to equip these new graduates (particularly in their respective service year) with the necessary skills to get a job (such as resume building, interview trainings, etc) as well as skills to retain these highly competitive jobs in a professional setting. (by teaching them how to bring value to an employer of labor).

Our program then enrolls the best, most promising candidates in a job placement system with the entrepreneurs we are partnered with within out network at Entrepreneurs For Christ.

Our job coaching platform is a 3month program
that bridges the gap between these two extreme viewpoints and the corresponding realities on both side.

We believe we truly have the solution Nigerians need. The entrepreneurs within our network (Entrepreneurs for Christ) are matched with well groomed candidates to help build their businesses at our quarterly career fair. Visit us for more information at to get started.