Welcome to the Prayer Watch

"Doctors Treat, but God Heals."

Prayer Watch is a faith-healing clinic for anyone battling an infirmity in their body, soul or spirit. These infirmities may further translate into physical ailments, psychological problems, emotional or spiritual. We are firm believers in the combination and effectiveness of fervent prayers working alongside modern medicine.

Hence, we seek to create an avenue whereby the hand of God may interfere in the Earth. Through prayer, room can be made for God to step into impossible situations that may have defied the odds of modern day or traditional medicine. It is important to note, Prayer Watch does not negate the need for modern medicine, nor does it discourage it’s benefactors to neglect their respective treatment plans with their health care provider. This is a supplemental solution to accelerate healing and to inspire hope and confidence in the Living God.

Who We Are

Prayer Watch is simply a community of intercessors standing in the gap and asking God to heal. As the name implies, we are a centre for healing and revival; A place where man comes to the point of total surrender to his ultimate healer, Christ Jesus!

Why We Do What We Do

In recent years, we have experienced several breakthroughs in the standard practice of medicine – especially in the West. We are thankful to God for the technological advancements made in these areas. However, there are still ailments whose panacea have not been discovered till date. Gaps devoid of knowledge and understanding, concerning the existence of certain ailments; reaction to treatment as seen in the diversity of race and gender; surgical recovery timeframes in some cases and in other cases, the uncontrollable explanation alluding to the loss of life during certain surgical procedures; all of which, medical examinations and doctors have not been able to save humanity. All of this points to one fact, the existence of the supernatural.

How We Heal The Sick

Healing the sick (through the prayer of faith) are basic signs that follow every believer. The Holy Spirit who lives inside of us equips us for this great mission. Anyone serving God accurately has the potential and ability to say a simple word of prayer and trust God for healing. Prayer Watch at Luvanex foundation, seeks to bring the reality and existence of Jehovah-Rapha to the world! This is a name God still seeks to be known by and we intend to proclaim this boldly as God is willing and able to heal the sick through our yielded vessels! This is a mandate we are carrying out as instructed within the pages of scripture (Mark 16: 15-17).

How It Works

The platform is mobile application that operates both on android phones as well as iPhone. Once downloaded, the application allows for both intercessors and people who need prayers to be connected for a 5minute pre-scheduled phone or video call.

Who Can Participate

Anyone can refer a family member or friend for prayers. Self-referrals also welcome. Churches and hospitals are equally welcome to be a part of this community, as intercessors and referrers, respectively. Diverse prayer groups based on location proximity, type of ailment, specific topics for discussions are being created to ensure no one is left to journey alone in this movement. Most importantly, our app allows for people to be connected in hopes of fostering Godly relationships as well as a testimony blog to glorify God as Savior.

Our team of intercessors consist of thoroughly screened
and carefully handpicked people

who have the capacity to cater to the prayer needs of diverse groups of people at flexible and reasonable hours of the day.
The platform is solely non profit and is powered by friendly donors who share the same passion with our leadership
and desire to see lives changed through the instrumentality of faith-healings.

We are eager for God to be the first point of call in overwhelming situations of life and for his people to recognize his sovereignty and ability in all circumstances. We believe in the effectiveness of fervent prayers and its endless possibilities in a man's life.
Prayers, backed up by faith, can move mountains and make calm, the storms of life. It is our utmost desire that man comes to the knowledge of this truth and fully takes advantage of the gift, using it as not just a tool to bring relief, but to draw all men to the Father which is the end goal of this initiative.