About the foundation

The Luvanex Foundation is an initiative of Luvanex (Realty) Group, An established real estate company headquartered in the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our activities span across the major counties and cities of Georgia and North Carolina. Luvanex Group itself, is a one stop shop for real estate investors which facilitates the acquisition, renovation and rental of choice investment properties for investors from across the world.

The objective of Luvanex Foundation is to push God’s agenda by exploring a plethora of ways to build an army of willing vessels for the Kingdom of God, in these end times. Our foundation is solely kingdom centred, as we execute our mandate to raise a generation of spirit-filled, fruit bearers who uphold the highest moral code of conduct in the influential positions they attain in modern society.

As a non-profit organisation proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus, we are equipping the remnant community of believers, so they become the catalyst for positive change within society. Our leadership team is on a relentless mission to devise strategic means, founded solely on the doctrines of the word of God that can be deployed in solving some of the most crucial problems everyday citizens face within the context of developing countries

We stand in the gap

We live as ministers sent into the marketplace while standing in the gap between pulpit ministry and the rest of the society.

We exist to bring people out of darkness into light, causing a mind renewal and orientation shift towards the purpose of creation, to worship and glorify God. If we are successful in our endeavors, the Luvanex Foundation will bring about an unshakeable force and a united array of bondservants, who have yielded their businesses, careers and persons as a dwelling place for the spirit of God, thereby establishing His altar all over the earth, exuding His magnificence and glory.

This community is in the position to provide a place for believers to co-exist as one, pushing the gospel to the world using their God given skills and ability to foster the growth of the body of Christ. The flag of the kingdom must be hoisted, bringing all and sundry under the umbrella of grace and making apostles out of men in their diverse capacities.

We invite you to explore

our website and share our site with anyone you believe may connect well with the vision.

The Luvanex foundation will serve as the light, the scroll and map leading all men to salvation. We are not just representatives of the kingdom of God, we are carriers of hope, peace, and most importantly, love which is undoubtably the panacea to the world’s problems.